Hello and welcome to Best Media. Let me tell you a bit about me as we take this journey together.

My name is Nicole Best and I’m a Caribbean freelance Journalist based in the island of Grenada.

Currently I work primarily for the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) but from time to time I am contracted to do specific media related tasks for  other media outfits.

I started my career in journalism in a small yet powerful community radio station called Young Sound FM in 1991. Having come out of college with no media experience, and being called upon to report, write and read ‘the news’, I felt like I was being thrown in the river at the deep end. Nonetheless, my unorthodox manager at the time, Hamlet Mark, taught me the rudiments of news gathering, writing, reading and production, so I learned how to ‘swim’ in an understaffed, ill-equipped newsroom. He exposed me to a number of certificate training opportunities, which I gladly embraced.

I’ve tried to keep abreast with changing technology and I continue to upgrade my skills every opportunity I get. Over the years I’ve learned to write for Print, Radio and Television and have won a number of awards for my stories.

I have served in Grenada’s media,mainly at the Grenada Broadcasting Network GBN in different capacities – namely News Director, Programming  and Production Manager.

After completing a first degree in Business Management, I left my stable job with GBN to be able to spend quality time with my super boys. The decision to leave (GBN) to become a freelance journalist in a small and unstable economy was considered by many to be ludicrous but to date I have not regretted the decision. I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that I believe I would not have had, had I remained in the comfort of an establishment. I had the privilege of working from home while raising my two lovely boys who were at the time impressionably young; and whom I believed needed to have me around for nurturing. I was also privileged to travel to many countries around the world to cover stories – from Malta, to Taiwan, to China, to Puerto Rico, to the United States, to Haiti, the Cayman Islands, The Bahamas, and numerous other Caribbean Islands. I also had the distinguished privilege of working as the Grenada stringer with the BBC Caribbean for two years, before its closure in March 2011.

I’ve decided to ‘blog’ as a means of sharing my work with the world. I will not promise you that I’ll have all the news all the time but I promise you that I’ll share all I can as often as I can and I will follow the principles of journalism always.

Now, shall we……take this journey together?

8 responses to “About

  1. Nicole,

    May I commend you on his bold step. I have browsed and I like!

    All the very best on this journey.

    Angela Burns.

  2. This is great Sis Best… I’m definitely going to bookmark this page.

  3. Joe "Country" Greenidge

    My impression of you is that you are trustworthy. Keep up the good work.

  4. I Wish for you and your family much success in this journey. My God continue to bless you.

  5. Dera Mrs. Best
    The embassy of Chile in Port of Spain wishes to contact you.

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