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The next social contract

– Kemal Derviş
Kemal Derviş, former Minister of Economic Affairs of Turkey and former Administrator for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), is Vice President of the Brookings Institution.

PARIS – Around the world nowadays, persistent unemployment, skill mismatches, and retirement frameworks have become central to fiscal policy – and to the often-fierce political debates that surround it. The advanced countries are facing an immediate “aging” problem, but most of the emerging economies are also in the midst of a demographic transition that will result in an age structure similar to that of the advanced economies – that is, an inverted pyramid – in just two or three decades. Indeed, China will get there much sooner. Continue reading

Grenada asks Japan for help with renewable energy

21st August, 2012

Grenada is once again turning to Japan for assistance with the harnessing and use of renewable energy. Continue reading

Prepared Statement by Michael Church at No Confidence Motion

Contribution to the ‘No Confidence Motion’ debate by Honourable Michael A. Church, Member of Parliament for the Constituency of St. John

Mr. Speaker, I consider it both a pleasure and a duty to join my voice in the conversation with regards to the amended ‘no confidence motion’ tabled before this Honourable House today.  Continue reading