The fight for Florida in US Presidential Elections 2012

By: Nicole Best, Miami-Dade, Florida

The state of Florida could prove to be the clincher for the 2012 US Presidential Elections. Both the Romney and Obama campaigns have been focusing heavily on this state which brings in at least 29 votes in the electoral college – votes that could push either Governor Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama into the White House.

Haitian group in Florida says problems at the polls

By: Nicole Best – MIAMI-DADE, FLORIDA – Wednesday 31st October, 2012

Leader of the Haitian-American Grassroots Coalition (HAGC) Jean-Robert LaFortune says his organization is aggrieved over the inability of the Miami Dade Elections Department to handle Haitian-American voters at the polls.

“Souls to the polls” bring out scores after church on Sunday

By: Nicole Best – MIAMI DADE, FLORIDA – Monday 29TH October, 2012

On the second day of early voting in US Presidential Elections in the state of Florida, pastors and church leaders were encouraging their congregation to exercise their rights and go to the polls.

State of Economy to determine US Presidential Election

By: Nicole Best – WASHINGTON DC – 26TH OCTOBER, 2012

At least two US political think tanks agree that the state of the US economy is the number one issue in the 2012 Presidential elections and not foreign policy, as is being touted.



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