PM Mitchell and Rowley congratulate new CWI presidency

Dr. Keith Mitchell, Grenada Prime Minister

Grenada Prime Minister and former chair of the CARICOM Prime Ministerial subcommittee on cricket issued acongratulatory message to new Cricket WEst Indies President Ricky Skerrit.

Dr. Keith Mitchell, who had been critical of the leadership of just deposed CWI President Dave Cameron, said in a statement on Monday, that the results of Sunday’s election which took place in Jamaica “will bring great joy and happiness to cricket lovers throughout the world, not just in the West Indies”.

Former West Indies team manager Ricky Skerrit and Dr Kishore Shallow are the new president and vice-president of Cricket West Indies (CWI), following the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston on Sunday.

The victory will see Skerrit, 62, a former Minister of Sports and Tourism in St Kitts and Nevis and Shallow, the current president of the St Vincent & The Grenadines Cricket Association, taking up office for the next two years. They denied Cameron and Nathan a four-consecutive term.

“The election of Mr. Skerritt’s team will lift the spirits of the Caribbean people and give them new hope and a greater expectation for the revival and rebirth of West Indies cricket”, Mitchell said.

“I also want to congratulate the Skerritt team for running a clean and effective campaign in which they consistently highlighted their agenda for change, their vision for the future of West Indies cricket and their ten-point plan for making that vision a reality.

The Grenadian leader commended Skerritt for requesting that stakeholders share responsibility for his strategy and become co-owners of his agenda for change, adding that he stands ready to give any assistance required of him.

“I believe that CARICOM Governments will honour these requests and do all in their power to promote harmonious and cooperative relationships between the board and all stakeholders, for the common good of the game and the region.”

Dr. Keith Rowley, Prime Minister Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley who was also very critical of Cameron, said he was pleased that “a door to far-reaching progressive change is now open”.

“This holds out the prospect for the effecting of the much-needed restructuring of the management of the regional game with some sense of purpose and urgency,” Rowley pointed out.

“My regional colleagues and I look forward to early contact with the new President, Ricky Skerritt and his team and to pick up our effort from where it was derailed from the Patterson/Barriteau work onto a new road which recognises ‘West Indies Cricket’ as a ‘public good’, a heritage of all West Indian citizens, to be honoured, nurtured and managed sustainably by the widest effective participation by Caribbean people using proven best practice methods.”

Rowley also urged the convening of a conference to urgently address the way forward.

“I have already called for a two-day colloquium to be hosted by one of our territories with the fullest participation of all stakeholders with a view to approving an immediate action plan to construct the new Road Ahead for West Indies cricket from kindergarten to the halls of fame.”