GFA threatens to take Lebanese Football Club to FIFA

Saydrel Lewis in practice with Nejmeh FC in Lebanon

The Grenada Football Association (GFA) is investigating allegations of racially motivated mistreatment and the premature termination of the contract of one of its international players in Lebanon, and is threatening to take the matter to football’s governing body FIFA.

The Nejmeh SC in Lebanon reportedly sacked Saydrel Lewis, a former member of the Paradise FCI in Grenada and the Caledonia FCI in Trinidad and Tobago, less than three months after signing a one-year contract and playing three games for the team.

Lewis in Lebanon, wearing the sweatshirt of Nejmeh SC with the star – the symbol of the Club’s name

In his three outings with Nejmeh SC, the 21-year old forward scored the lone goal in the game against Safa SC, in which his team won 1-0.

In a statement on Thursday, the GFA reported that Lewis had not been paid for two and a half months and had been forced to sign a termination letter in the absence of his agent David Nahkid, citing non-performance as the reason for the termination.

The GFA president Cheney Joseph wrote to the Lebanese Football Association, seeking clarification on the matter, describing the alleged actions as “unprofessional, unsavory, and against the expressed desires of established football organizational practices including FIFA [Federation of International Football Associations] and AFC [Asian Football Cup]”.

Lewis in one of his outings for Grenada

Joseph said the association stands behind Lewis and will support him in seeking redress, through FIFA, and where possible sanctions against the club and some of its officials.

The GFA is in direct contact with Lewis while arrangements are being made for his safe departure from the west Asian country, as there are reports that threats have been made on his life.

Before being drafted for Nejmeh FC, Lewis represented Grenada in 14 outings and scored 5 goals.