Man dies in cargo ship accident at St. George’s Port

Work on the St. George Port was suspended on Tuesday following what is being described as the accidental death of one of it’s employees earlier in the day.

Wayne Roberts died in what a police statement has called an accident while off-loading cement from a cargo vessel known as Sabina A, said to be from St. Vincent.

Two investigations into the incident, which is the first at the St. George’s port since 1958, have been launched – one is being conducted by the royal Grenada Police Force and the other by Ian Noel, an US Coast Guard certified Marine Causality Investigator, under the advise and supervision of  the Grenada Ports Authority.

The 44-year old stevedore of Fontenoy in St. George’s was employed with the Ports Authority for over 10-years and was said to be a member of the Seamen and Waterfront Workers Union up until his passing. At the time of the incident, he was stationed in the hatch of the ship

So far investigators have not been forthcoming with details of the accident, but unconfirmed reports are that during the off-loading operations, a sling of cement (containing approximately 35-bags; 35oo lbs) fell on Roberts pinning him to the floor of the ship.

The Grenada Ports Authority said in a statement, that its officials have expressed condolences to Roberts’ family and have offered to make “available the support needed at this time”.

A post mortem is to be conducted on Roberts later on Tuesday.©




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