Grenada to set up cyber security team

21st August, 2012

Grenada has begun formalizing a structure to report and investigate internet security breaches.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, who is also Minister for Information Communication Technology announced that government is soon to establishment a National Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) on the island.

He said this is part of government’s efforts to find new methods and approaches to coping with the challenges of the new global realities, including cyber-security, cyber-threats and cyber-terrorism.

“We need to be able to prevent these incidents because cyber-crime is not only affecting government. The private sector and ordinary citizens are constantly exposed and many become victims, sometimes through no fault of their own,” said prime Thomas, who is also the lead Prime Minister in CARICOM with responsibility for ICT.

CIRT when established, will identify threats, coordinate actions at national and regional levels, disseminate information and act as a focal point in matters related to cyber-security.

Thomas said Grenada’s efforts in fighting cyber crime are being supported by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which was mandated to “take concrete steps toward curbing the threats and insecurities related to the Information Society.”

Noting that statistics indicate the rapidly increasing number of cyber attacks is now a global trend, Prime Minister Thomas said “While some attacks were previously launched only for nuisance purposes, they have now escalated into much more serious attacks motivated by money, political agendas and in some cases, as weapons of cyber-terrorism.”

“The motivations for such attacks can range from theft, to critical information gathering that can lead to a major disruption to our ICT services infrastructure,” he said, adding that, these attacks have become “more sophisticated, requiring a more structured response from skilled experts.”

He also called on ICT service providers to do all in their power to ensure that cyber security is not compromised by cutting corners.

“We must ensure a robust infrastructure in order to minimize any chance of disruption to critical operations,” Prime Minister Thomas said, suggesting that a “tough and up to date” legal framework is also needed to cater for the dynamic nature of the ICT environment and cyber-crime tactics.©




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