Grenada asks Japan for help with renewable energy

21st August, 2012

Grenada is once again turning to Japan for assistance with the harnessing and use of renewable energy.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas made the request on Tuesday during a meeting with new Japanese Ambassador to the region His Excellency Yoshimasa Tezuka.

Thomas’ specific request from the Ambassador is for help to obtain the relevant technology to harness and utilise alternative sources of energy, especially from wind and the sun.

“We are well positioned to access clean renewable energy from the wind and the sun, however we lack the relevant technology that will enable us to utilise these elements to meet our energy needs.”

“We know that Japan has the technology and this can be a significant benefit to us,” the Prime Minister told the Japanese Ambassador.

The Prime Minister also asked for assistance in the protection of Grenada’s ecosystem at Bathway in St. Patrick, which is at the north of the island.

He asked the  Ambassador for his country’s assistance in rebuilding a sand-stone reef system at Bathway, in St. Patrick, a major aspect of Grenada’s tourism plant in the North of the island.

He disclosed that a feasibility study is being undertaken that will provide the required data to the Japanese government.

There has been no commitment from the ambassador for assistance to Grenada in that regard.

Over the years, Grenada has received assistance from Japan, through the refurbishment of two fish markets across the island.©




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