Senior cabinet member refuses to apologize over public statement

By: Rawle Titus

A senior minister in the Tillman Thomas-led  government is refusing to apologize for announcing on a political platform that delegates were fighting during a convention of the main opposition New National Party (NNP).

Defiant Health Minister Ann Peters says she would not say sorry despite calls from the NNP for her to do so in a public statement.
“I have no apology to offer to the Public Relations Officer of the NNP or to anyone else for statements I would have made” declared Peters, a Government senator.
“Let the chips fall where it may I have no apologies to make”.
Peter’s made her statement while addressing last weekend’s rally organized by Prime Minister Thomas to celebrate his administration’s fourth year in office.
The Health Minister announced to supporters in the west coast rally that NNP delegates at a convention on the east coast parish of St. Andrew were fighting as a result of a dispute over the nomination of a candidate.
However, the NNP has strongly denied the charge and has demanded an apology from Peters.
“There is absolutely no truth associated with this what I would call malicious statement made at the rally. We were quite shocked when we heard of the comment” declared Terry Forrester, who was reelected as PRO at the convention.
“We are calling on Senator Ann Peters to publicly apologize to the New National Party and its membership but more so to the people of Grenada who have expressed concern.
We think the only responsible thing for her to do now is to publicly apologized and retract such a statement”.
However, Senator Peters says the only condition under which she would apologies is if the NNP reveals its source of an alleged US $150,000 dollar payment into the Prime Minister’s account.
Without calling names, opposition leader Dr.Keith Mitchell had announced in parliament and on a political platform that he has reliable information that a top Government official had received such a payment from a Saudi Arabian source.
“What I would say to the PRO of the NNP is that the same source that provided information to the NNP claiming that our Prime Minister received US 150,000 dollars from a Saudi Arabian national could probably be the same source that provided me with information that there was a fracas at the convention”. Peters told reporters.©

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