MP for St. George’s South says she will work for the development of Grenada

Less than one month in her new portfolio,Minister for the Environment and Foreign Trade, Glynnis Roberts says she is willing to work for the development of the island.

Roberts who has served in three other ministries prior to her new posting at the Ministry of Environment & Foreign Trade says she has a passion  for the development of Grenada and will work with whoever  wants to see the country go forward economically.

“It is my dream to see most things move the way they should. With my passion for developing this country, I will do all within my power and with the experts that are around me…to move and forge in the direction that we should go.”

Following the May resignation of former Tourism Minister Peter David, Prime Minister Tillman Thomas made a fifth reshuffle of his cabinet, removing Senator Arley Gill and replacing him with Dr. George Vincent.

Dr. Vincent was immediately given the portfolio of Tourism Minister while Roberts, who held that portfolio prior to Peter David, was given Environment and Foreign Trade.

Roberts said her passion for the environment and her experience at the local Office of the European Union, will serve to equip her for the task in the ministry.

“The environment is one that I have passion for; not only the mangroves but the interlocking concerns we have in terms of the sea, the land, the way we develop the land,” Roberts said.

“In terms of foreign Trade, I think foreign trade is an area in which we can earn quite a bit of foreign exchange. And in Grenada I’m seeing that we are doing so much in terms of planting; so I think from our Ministry’s standpoint, we have to see what we can do to make that link with production in agriculture.”

Prior to this recent appointment Roberts served as Minister for Social Development, Labour and Tourism. She has been one of the ministers who has been moved every time Prime Minister Tillman Thomas reshuffled his cabinet.

She was also among the three minister in 2010 who staged a three-day swearing-in stand-off after Prime Minister Thomas announced a cabinet reshuffle without giving them prior notice.

That was among the first signs that all was not well within the ruling National Democratic Council (NDC) government. The other two MPs in the stand-off were Peter David MP for the Town of St. George and Michael Church MP for the constituency of St. John.©

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