GRENADA PM says former MP Peter David is pushing an opposition agenda

Grenada’s Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has openly accused his former Tourism Minister Peter David of having an opposition agenda.

He said parliamentary records will show that David, who is the MP for the town of St. George, on a National Democratic Congress (NDC) ticket, has publicly stated his opposition to the party’s political program.

“If you follow the politics in Grenada, Peter David is on record as saying that his sentiments is with the motion of no confidence,” Prime Minister Thomas told regional media.

He’s not on an NDC agenda,” the Grenada Prime Minister added.

David, who resigned from the government earlier this year, was among NDC members in parliament who openly expressed dissatisfaction with Thomas’ style of leadership and said though he will not vote against him in a No Confidence Motion, will not support him.

Thomas who is attending the 33rd meeting of CARICOM in St. Lucia, said he will have nothing to do with a beach frolic on Sunday morning, planned by executive members of his NDC party, to commemorate the party’s 4th year in office.

The beach frolic being promoted by the party’s Public Relations Officer Arley Gill is scheduled to take place at the La Sagesse beach, in the south-east of the island and is set to start at 10am.

Gill, who had his senatorial portfolio taken from him with a promise of an ambassadorial position, is the most recent casualty of Prime Minister Thomas’ June 2012 cabinet reshuffle. Gill is yet to receive any new instruments of appointment.

But Prime Minister Thomas says as far as he is concerned, the only official event scheduled in observance of the party’s 4-year term is a Prime Ministerial Rally scheduled to take place in the fishing town on Gouyave, on the west coast of the island from 4pm.

“Listen, there’s only one rally,” Thomas said.

About the beach frolic planned by the rest of the Party’s executive, the Grenadian leader said the promoters are trying to disrupt the party while others are misled.

“Those who are promoting that activity on the beach, some are misled other are trying to disrupt.”

He said the people of Grenada understand what is going on and doesn’t believe that people are seeing him as trying to divide the country.

“The people understand what is going on. From the beginning the people said that other person had this agenda; well it’s becoming a reality now,” Thomas said.

Prime Minister Thomas’ tenure has been marked with open-confrontation between him and some of his cabinet which has led to the firing of at least two cabinet members, the resignation of two more and at least four cabinet reshuffles.©

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