Parliament to debate a bill to form a land agency

The Parliament of Grenada is soon to begin debating a bill to set up an agency to deal with the country’s land information and land functions.

The bill entitled “Grenada Land Agency Bill 2012 was tabled in Parliament for first reading on Tuesday by Leader of Government Business in the House of Representatives, Finance Minister Nazim Burke.

The Bill has to be read three times in the Lower House and debated after which is would be debated in the Senate.

If it is passed, the Grenada Land Agency (GLA) will bring together the Valuation Division, the Physical Planning and Control Department, the Lands and Survey Department and the Deeds and Land Registry, which are currently under the Ministries of Housing, Lands & Community Development and Finance.

The proposed functions of the agency include ensuring that sustainable development principles and national, environmental and economic policies are executed; that revenues generated by the land sectors are collected in a transparent and timely fashion; building and maintaining the geodetic control network and; building and operating a national land valuation system that provides for equitable property taxation and provide support in the timely collection of land taxes.

Once the Bill is enacted, the Grenada Land Agency will be managed by an Executive Director, appointed by the Public Service Commission and persons presently employed in the various divisions shall be immediately considered employees of the Agency.©

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