Ministry of Health focusing on men’s health care

The Ministry of Health has started a series of consultations geared to get men to focus on improving the way they take care of themselves.

The first in the series was held in Gouyave earlier this week and was attended by over 100 men from neighbouring villages.

The consultations will be held over the next few weeks in the island’s Western and Northern Health Districts.

Following Tuesday’s Men’s Health Consultation former national footballer and coach Dexter George said he believes the attendees are now more equipped to participate in the act of taking care of their health.

“… I want to give the Ministry of Health a big high-five for bringing such a program to us in St. John,” said George.

“We think it’s very important and valuable to us and we know that from the turn out here today, we are ready to work with you to better provide for our healthcare needs.’’

Nurses from St. John providing blood pressure testing services to the men.

The consultation included a clinical screening session where male clients were offered prostate examination services, blood pressure and blood sugar tests, weight and height checks, dietary services, stress management tips, body mass index checks and HIV/AIDS counseling and testing.

The screening was followed by a discussion session that provided information on the Ministry’s plans, programs and services and the benefits to be derived from their utilization.

Participants were also encouraged to have their say on health-related issues that affect them and, most importantly, on how men’s health services can be improved.

Fishermen from Gouyave accessing healthcare services at the Men’s Health Consultation

Main facilitator of the consultation and Director of Primary Health Care Services Dr. Francis Martin, looked at chronic diseases and the findings of a men’s health survey carried out last year in St. Andrew.

Dr. Martin used the opportunity to encourage men to take charge of their health and wellbeing, referring to the doctrine that “prevention is better than cure’’.

“Men, you are in control of your health,’’ he emphasized. “Therefore, take charge; manage and control your diabetes, your blood pressure and sugar and your diet; and please exercise as often as possible,’’ he told the participants.

The Primary Healthcare Director told the gathering that although strokes are common in Grenada, prostate cancer is the leading cause of death among the nation’s men.

He called for positive lifestyle changes that must be supported by early screening and detection, saying this can prevent and delay the onset of prostate cancer and – in some cases – reverse the disease.

“So, the onus in on you. And it is because of our commitment to service delivery and your health and well-being we are here today and we will continue to support you,’’ Dr. Martin said.©

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