LIAT says it has begun paying employees for June

Corporate Communications Manager  of LIAT, Desmond Brown on Thursday confirmed that the Company has begun to pay salaries for the month of June.

This follows reports in the regional media suggesting that the company was having financial difficulties and was unable to pay its employees for the month of June.

The Antigua Observer said in an article earlier this week, that it had obtained a copy of an internal memo informing staff that salaries would be paid late because of longstanding financial constrains on the company, compounded by the recent fire.

“…salaries for the month of June 2012 will not be paid in accordance with the company’s usual pay cycle but will be delayed for a few days.”

But in a statement issued on Thursday, LIAT said it had begun paying its employees adding that “the Company’s pay cycle varies among the different groups of LIAT employees and that some LIAT staff have already received their June salaries”.

In his statement Brown said it is anticipated that all employees will receive their salaries by Tuesday July 3.

The airline was recently hit by a fire at its Antigua headquarters, which destroyed a hangar, a Dash-8 aircraft and two office buildings.

The loss has been estimated at US$35 million and although arson has been ruled out, no definitive cause of the fire has been put forward.©

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