Local US Embassy may soon be allowed to issue visas

The United States is reviewing a request from Grenada for its local Embassy to be able to facilitate issuing visas to persons wishing to travel to American educational institutions. This is according to the new US Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean states, Larry Palmer.

Ambassador Palmer during a recent courtesy call to Prime Minister Tillman Thomas said Washington is discussing the matter to decide on the way forward.

New US Ambassador gives a gift to Grenada Prime Minister

Currently, all persons, except persons over age 80, are required to travel to the US Embassy in neighbouring Barbados, to apply in person for  US visas.

The newly installed US Ambassador is currently traveling through the sub-region presenting his credential to government and opposition representatives.

In response, Prime Minister Tillman Thomas expressed his gratitude to the US for their assistance in many areas, including a promise of  an increased number of scholarships at US institutions for Grenadian young people, including Fulbright  scholarships.

“We welcome this and we will take advantage of every opportunity for our young people to achieve a higher education,” said the Grenadian leader.

He also welcomed the US commitment to assist Caribbean countries in identifying renewable sources of energy including harnessing wind, geothermal and solar resources, as part of efforts to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel, which  he described as being  “a burden to our economy.”

“We in Grenada and in the region need support in the transfer of technology, so that we can take advantage of these new energy sources,” the Prime Minister told the new US Ambassador.©

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