Nigerian Islamist group attacks prison and frees 40 inmates

News Agency Al Jazeera has quoted Nigerian police as saying that members of Boko Haram, an Islamist armed group from Nigeria, have stormed a prison in Yobe state in the country’s northeast, freeing 40 inmates.

The attack which took place on Sunday morning is said to have been the latest string of attacks blamed on the group.

“They attacked with rifles, the police and the joint task force confronted them and the Boko Haram members that were shot were carried away by the sect,”  Patrick Egbuniwe, Yobe State police commissioner, said on Sunday.

He said two of the attackers were shot dead and some policemen were injured.

Gun battles between Boko Haram members and security forces in Yobe’s capital Damaturu killed 40 people on Tuesday last week, as they demanded that its imprisoned members be freed.

Boko Haram is based in the remote northeast of Nigeria and has rapidly overtaken rebels in the oil-producing southern Niger Delta as the country’s biggest security threat.

Months of gun and bomb attacks blamed on the Islamist group have killed hundreds since the movement started its uprising more than two years ago.©

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