Media workers among rescued after boat capsized

Nine passengers on a boat which capsized in waters off Grenada’s northern coast have all been rescued, police confirmed late Sunday.
They include popular radio personality Patrick Duncan and the manager of a leading FM Radio station Desree Dabreo.

Survivors say the boat flipped over after taking in water on a trip back from Sandy Island, a popular destination for picnics, located closer to Carriacou, a dependency of Grenada.

WEE FM radio interrupted its Sunday evening programme to report that the passengers were stranded in the water for a considerable time before fishermen came to their rescue.

“I just spoke to my boss who was one of the persons on the boat and rescued. She said they were so many people that the boat had to make two trips” said station announcer Mickey Hutchinson after a telephone conversation with Mrs. Desiree Dabreo, the Station’s manager.

“On the second trip they met a rough spot in the water where the boat started taking in a lot of water and before you know it toppled over and everyone ended up in the water and they were just there and they were scared and waiting assistance and so on. They were in the water for quite some time,” Hutchinson reported live on Sunday evening.

Later police confirmed that they were notified of the incident, responded and were able to get a resident in the area with a boat to take the stranded passengers safely to mainland.©

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