Kirani takes responsibility for disqualification

400m World Champion Kirani James says despite feeling that the runners were under starters orders for too long, he has taken responsibility for his disqualification at the 38th Prefontaine Classic meet at, Eugene, Oregon on the weekend.  

James who jumped the gun, and was given a red card said he was anticipating and moved too soon.

“I think it was too long,” he said, referring to the length of time the runners were under starters orders, adding that he respected the decisions of the starters.

Despite being disqualified, James was allowed to run the race under protest, and came in second after LaShawn Merritt in a  time of 44.97seconds.

Kirani being shown a red card but requested to be allowed to run the race

“I think it was my fault. I was anticipating too  much,” James told reporters after the race.

“It was entirely my fault, it was nothing I was confused about; I just wanted to go out there and compete,” The Grenadian teenager said.

This is the second time that Kirani has been disqualified in a race. The first was at the age of 15 in the 200m at the Carifta Games in St. Lucia in 2009.

The now 19-year-old said Saturday’s disqualify is a learning experience for him and he is glad that it happened there and not at the “big one” , referring to the upcoming London Olympics.

“It’s also  a learning experience in terms of just being patient in waiting for the  gun…I rather it happened here now than it happen at the big one.”

James said he has two more races before the London Olympics, one in Canada and another in Europe, and he plans to use them to improve on a few techniques.

“Just try to improve on some things, patience is one of them of course,” the even-tempered teenager said with a chuckle.©

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