PM admits to receiving money from the BVI not from Saudi Arabia

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has admitted to receiving US$50,000 from “a friend of Grenada” with corporate resident in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) but continues to adamantly refuted claims from the Opposition New National Party (NNP) that he has received a large sum of money from Saudi Arabia.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s office on Wednesday afternoon said the money which was received and signed for by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas was a “political donation” strictly for the use of the National Democratic Congress Party.

It said the money was received in January this year through a bank to bank transfer “and is not intended to secure any favours, benefits or influence with the government of Grenada”.

“The Prime Minister and Political Leader of the NDC affirms that no reward, benefit or consideration was demanded, requested or proposed, and that none has been given or promised in return.”

“The Prime Minister and Political Leader is of the firm belief that the donation is entirely legitimate and the attendant transaction was completely above-board.”

The statement said the donor did not wish to be identified but there were no illegalities with the transaction adding that its use “by the party is strictly an internal matter to the party and will not be discussed with political opponents”.

In his statement, the Prime  Minister called on persons who think they have evidence to show that a crime was committed with the transaction to produce such evidence to the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

He added that he was convinced any investigation would reveal that US$150,000 was not deposited into his account, no money was received from Saudi Arabia and that the money from the British Virgin Islands was a political donation.

The statement from the Prime  Minister’s Office was issued one day following a call by Opposition New National Party (NNP) officials for the Prime Minister to openly and clearly give details about the funds received.

NNP is claiming that they have evidence that US$150,000 was received into the Prime Minister’s account from Saudi Arabia.

At a media briefing on Tuesday, the NNP said they will file a complaint with the FIU asking them to investigate the matter.©

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