David says he is not part of a plot to oust Prime Minister Tillman Thomas

General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress and former Tourism Minister Peter David has denied allegations that he is part of a plot to remove Prime Minister Tillman Thomas from office.

David, the General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and MP for the town of St.George, says the conspiracy claims are unfounded.

He broke his silence on Thursday after resigning from the Cabinet one month ago, amid charges that he was part of an anti-Tillman group within the NDC party, trying to upstage the political leader and Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

The charge was made by Information Minister Glen Noel at a constituency meeting in which Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and Finance Minister Nazim Burke were present.

“Its absolute nonsense”said David in response to questions from a select group of journalists participating in a made for television interview programme.

“Everybody is aware that there are differences in approach… there are policy differences underlying some of these issues such as how do we deliver  and I think that is the difficulty we have. There is no conspiracy anywhere”.

David resigned as Tourism Minister to protest the comments from Noel who also named several other cabinet members in his allegation.

The others, including Labour Minister Glynnis Roberts and Social Security Minister Sylvester Quarless, did not resign.

David dismissed Noel’s charge as mischief.

“There is no attempt to do anything that is not above-board. A conspiracy suggest some secret underhand actions and I think the person or persons who made the comment are just simply engaging in mischief” David told reporters.

“To date most Grenadians are well aware that it is absolute mischief to talk about conspiracy”.

David appears to be the central figure in a lingering dispute within the governing NDC that has seen the recent resignation of two senior government ministers and the sacking of a third.©

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