No NDC Convention in July

The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) party has postponed its July 8 Convention.

This comes as the party struggles with its internal wranglings, that have become public over the last month.

In a statement issued on Saturday, the party’s Public Relations Officer Arley Gill said the decision to postpone the convention, to a date yet to be announced, was to give the party more time to deal with internal matter that would help to improve its performance as the ruling party.

This decision “allows the NDC to take care of some administrative and in-house matters to ensure that our operations as the governing party are enhanced and become more effective.’’

 Since being voted into office in 2008, the party and government has had to contend with what many have described as power struggles due to “differences in ideologies”. To date there have been three resignations from government one minister being fired and another having his senatorial portfolio revoked. The Party has had to face the arrest of it Chairman Kenrick Fullerton on charges of fraud.

In spite all the challenges, party leader and Prime Minister Tillman Thomas says he remains committed to the his vow to serve the people of Grenada with transparency and accountability. In his most recent address to the nation he challenged the remaining members of his cabinet, to show themselves committed to the charge.

“It is in this context that the members of cabinet, especially in the honorable House of Parliament, have to be prepared to demonstrate a sincere desire to put the interest of the nation first and to serve the people as diligently as we all can.”

Prime Minister Thomas is expected to speak to Thanksgiving rally which he has organised for today Sunday May 20th at the Grenville Car Park. He said the rally was his way of showing appreciation to the people who have supported in pray and comforting words, as he faced a no confidence vote from the opposition and open criticism on his leadership style, from members of this party.©

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