Hood not crossing the floor

New government back bencher Karl Hood says he will not cross the floor in Parliament. This as reports have surfaced that prior to his resignation, Hood has been holding meetings with opposition leader Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Hood who resigned from the cabinet on Thursday citing told a news conference that he has no intention of joining the opposition New National Party (NNP).

“Since 1988 I’ve been a member of this party…I’ve given myself as a sacrificial lamb for this party,” Hood said.

In answer to a direct question as to whether he will cross the floor in parliament he said “I will not cross the floor”.

The former Minister did not deny having meetings with Dr. Mitchell but referred only to the meeting at the Opposition Leader’s Office when he invited him to play cricket with the UK and Caribbean Foreign Ministers following their meeting here earlier this year.

“Yes we did talk; I went to his office as a matter of fact and invited him to play cricket with us….which he gracefully came and played cricket with us.”

When pressed further to find out if he intended to support the opposition NNP in any future elections, Hood said “my intent (chuckles) my intent is not up for discussion  here this evening…I have the absolute and total right as a citizen of Grenada to speak to anybody including the leader of the opposition Dr. Mitchell, including the leader of G.O.D  the Good Old Democracy…I reserve that right and I’m not going to give it up.”

“Whatever speculation that anybody wants to add to that, you’re free to do so,” Hood said as he accused the media of thriving on speculation.

Hood who is a former pastor says he’s not sure what  his next move would be but is dependent on God for guidance.

He joins three other colleagues as back benchers in the Tillman Thomas led National Democratic Congress administration.©

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