Cabinet warned to prepare to put Grenada first

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has warned the remaining parliamentary representatives in his cabinet that they should be prepared to demonstrate a sincere desire to put the interest of the nation first.

His warning came in a short national address which was broadcast simultaneously on radio and television, on Thursday evening, following the resignation of his Foreign Minister Karl Hood earlier in the day.

The Grenadian leader who has been facing open criticism from within his party and cabinet, over his leadership style said he is prepared to continue to lead his government for the benefit of the Grenadian people and called on the rest of his cabinet to do the same.

“It is in this context that the members of cabinet, especially in the honorable House of Parliament, have to be prepared to demonstrate a sincere desire to put the interest of the nation first and to serve the people as diligently as we all can.”

Within the last three weeks, The Prime Minister has faced two cabinet resignations and a vote of no confidence. He has revoked the appointment of a senator and appointed a new one. He has been accused by some members inside his cabinet and party of being autocratic and the arbiter of divisiveness.

Despite these challenges, Thomas said he remains committed to the task of leading the country, adding “…we will achieve this by working as a team and united in our approach to our many tasks. This would augur well for democracy and the development of our people.”

“Most of you are clearly indicating that as a government, we need to resolutely pursue the business of managing the country effectively and continue to deliver on the commitments we made. Let me reassure you that I hear you and I’m dedicated to that task.”

Thomas said he is confident that his government would be able to “implement the many projects and initiatives that are designed to bring much benefits to our people,” in the remaining year of this first term in office.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am of the firm belief that a coherent, committed and united team can achieve much,” the Prime Minister said.

During his address last evening, Thomas announced that he will be holding a Thanksgiving rally at the Grenville Car Park in St. Andrew as an act of appreciation for public support and encouraged everyone to attend.

“As an act of appreciation and expressions of support for the Government especially in the past two weeks, I in my capacity as Prime Minister, will be holding a national thanksgiving rally at the Grenville car park on Sunday May 20,” Thomas said.

His rally will coincide with on planned by the opposition New National Party in the fishing town of Gouyave.©

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