Foreign Minister Karl Hood has officially resigned

After one week of rumours and speculation, Foreign Minister Karl Hood has officially resigned from the cabinet.

Hood submitted his letter of resignation to Prime Minister Tillman Thomas on Thursday, two days after he abstained from voting in a No Confidence Motion brought against the Prime Minister by Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell.

A release from the Prime Minister’s Office said the Prime Minister accepted Hood’s letter of resignation, and “thanked Mr. Hood for his service to the government of Grenada over the past three and a half years and wished him well in his future endeavours”.

The short release, reiterated the Prime Minister’s resolve to remain focused on the plans and  projects his government has for t he country.

“Prime Minister Thomas continues to be focused on fulfilling the commitment he gave to the people of Grenada, who elected him to serve and his pledge to implement government projects announced in September last year.”

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and Foreign Minister Karl Hood

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and Foreign Minister Karl Hood in more cordial days

Hood in responding to the media’s questions said he will hold a briefing later on Thursday afternoon.

In the recent past, Hood has been openly critical of the government’s actions against him, saying that he feels as though he has been systematically undermined by members of his ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He, on separate occasions in Parliament expressed what he said was hurt over how senior government members have been treating him, his Ministry and his constituency. In the debate on the 2012 budget which took place in March, Hood was highly critical of the budget and the proposed cut in spending for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which he headed at the time.

 “Given the international climate and the large fiscal gap needed to be closed in this budget; given also the reality that we do not possess the capacity to close this gap within our boundaries, I cannot understand why this ministry – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, receives only 1.17% of the entire budget.”

“Sad to say Mr. Speaker, even the travel budget of the Ministry of Foreign affairs has been slashed by over a hundred thousand dollars.”

On Tuesday, Hood accused the government of refusing to allocate money to implement promised infrastructural projects in his constituency.

“I’ve made representation to have two back-walls built in La Borie…dangerous pieces of road, but still cannot get support,” Hood complained.

Hood is the second minister to resign from the cabinet in less than one month, under what observers are calling a political crisis. Former Tourism Minister Peter David, resigned three weeks ago, proffering that the state of affairs within the cabinet had become untenable, forcing him to resign. He resigned following the surfacing of a video tape where Information Minister Glen Noel named Peter David as one of the members of the NDC, conspiring to remove Prime Minister Thomas from office.

The Tillman Thomas administration is now down to seven MPs and four back benchers.©

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