Prime Minister Tillman Thomas says he has been misunderstood

By: Rawle Titus

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has been attempting to clear the air over recent controversial statements in which he said that there is division in his ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) between “the forces of good and evil.”

Prime Minister Thomas’s comments have attracted much controversy and have been criticized by his political opponents who also accuse him of dividing his own party.
The Grenadian leader is insisting that his good over evil comment was taken out of context since he was not referring to the infighting within his governing party.
“This has been taken so out of context. It is unfortunate since we are supposed to be a Christian family, Christian community” Prime Minister Thomas declared during his contribution on the opposition sponsored no confidence motion against him Tuesday night.
“The prayer we say everyday deliver us from evil. Mr. speaker I made that statement in the context of the problems in the world I never called anybody evil. It has been a total misrepresentation”.
Thomas, who also recently promised to fight “leftists” in society, has suggested that his party is divided along ideological lines, and has complained of  attempts to also “restrict” him, from interacting with the rank and file of the NDC.
The Grenadian leader has been accused of holding meetings with select groups that exclude most of his cabinet ministers and senior executive members of the NDC.
“Those who sit in the cabinet will support me on this. I never called anybody evil. I said look we are living in a world with the forces and good over evil” Prime Minister Thomas explained.
“You have evil in the church, in the business community, in the parliament it’s all over. Anybody who grew up in a Christian environment is always told about the evil spirit possessing you”.
Thomas survived the vote of no confidence, but the 13 hour debate has exposed further cracks in his government.
While eight government MPs voted to save Thomas’ faltering administration observers noted that in their presentations, most government MPs were less than enthusiastic in their praise of Thomas’ leadership.
Foreign Affairs Minister Karl Hood, one of the most senior ministers of government, abstained on the motion while only three of the government MPs openly defended the Prime Minister’s record, while three government MPs did not utter a word in defense of either government or leader.©

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