Foreign Minister Karl Hood has not left the Cabinet

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has told local journalists that Foreign Minister Karl Hood has not resigned from the cabinet.

This follows rumours on Wednesday that the Minister who has recently been very critical of the government, in parliament, submitted his resignation letter to Prime Minister Thomas.

On Tuesday, Hood was the only member of the house who abstained from voting following a 13-hour debate on a No Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister.

He said a number of actions by members of the party, seemingly endorsed by the Prime Minister, have contributed to his loss of confidence in the leadership of Prime Minister Thomas, however he will not openly support the motion, neither will he oppose it.

“If you do not have something good to say about some one else keep your mouth shut,” Hood said as he opted not to vote.

Following his performance, many speculated that he would have either been fired by the Prime Minister or resigned.

However Prime Minister  Thomas today said neither have happened.

A call to Minister Hood’s office today confirmed that he was still Foreign Affairs Minister. However we were told that he was at the time of our call he was at a funeral.

This is the second time in less that a week since rumors of Hoods resignation have been making the rounds.

It was first started last Thursday, and Hood admitted visiting Governor General Sir Carlyle Glean, but said it was on personal matters.©

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