Grenada’s Prime Minister to face 14 questions from government back bencher Michael Church

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas will face a barrage of questions from Government back bencher Michael Church at Tuesday’s sitting of the House of Representatives.

Church, a former member of the Thomas cabinet, has a list of 14 questions he wants answered regarding the distribution and management of state projects.

“Based on my training as an economist, we tend to want to be very thorough and so I’m seeking the deepest and completest disclosure with regard to that project,” Church told Best Media.

Church said he is also seeking  clarity on the method used to allocate projects to various constituencies.

“I Was only asking those questions from the perspective of seeking information with a view to seeing where my constituency is placed in all of this.

The former Environment Minister said wants the Prime Minister to explain why some project proposals were not included for funding and implementation this year given that at least five proposals were submitted.

Church added that he doesn’t want to judge any one until he has the information he’s seeking.

“Once the information is shared with me, then I would be positioned better to make those sorts of determinations.”

“At this point in time,  I want to be fair to all,” Church said.

The St. John’s MP also wants Prime Minister Thomas to provide a list of the criteria that submissions were expected to satisfy in order to be considered for funding under the Venezuela Multi Purpose Project.

The Estimates of Expenditure and Revenue for 2012’, allocates $5 million dollars for projects 2014.

Church, who resigned from the Government in 2010 after he was demoted, is seeking to find out as well which are the projects earmarked for funding in 2014.©

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