Child Rights activists in Grenada plan protest march for later this month

By: Rawle Titus

Scores of persons are planning to take to the streets to publicly protest injustice in the country.

Dubbed the march against injustice the protest is schedule to take place on Monday the 21st of May.

The street march is being organized by the Grenada National coalition on the rights of the child in association with other rights groups in the country.

A statement from the organization lists a number of concerns it wants the government to address.

These include an end to the incarceration of juveniles at Richmond Hill prison which is a violation of Article 37 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

It is also in breach of section 31 of Grenada’s prison Act of 1980.

The organization is complaining that lenient sentences are being given to perpetrators of sexual crimes against children, while juveniles are being sent to prison.

It references a 16 year old who was sent to prison to be contained because she kept on running away from her home.

The coalition says these decisions are contrary to the ethos underpinning the Child Protection and Adoption Act.

The group is calling for adequate facility for juvenile offenders, an end to injustice in the court system, as well as the enactment of the juvenile justice and Mental Health bill.

Protesters will assemble in front the fish market on Melville street from eight o clock on Monday the 21st.

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