NDC Executive say “mum’s the word” ahead of no confidence motion on Tuesday

By: Rawle Titus

Feuding factions within the troubled ruling national democratic congress appears to have agreed to a verbal ceasefire ahead of Tuesday’s No Confidence Vote.

Party sources say decision was reached at an emergency executive meeting of the party at its St. George’s headquarters earlier this week.

Members of the party have agreed not to make any public statements in an effort to curb growing tensions in the party and government.

Members are concerned that more public statements could bring the NDC into further disrepute and negatively affected its re-election in general elections, due a year from now.

The controversy within the governing party was fuelled by statements from Information Minister Glen Noel accusing several of his cabinet colleagues of seeking to remove the Prime Minister from office.

Noel’s comments have sparked strong reactions from the Chairman of the NDC Stanford Simon who also accused Prime Minister Tillman Thomas of dividing his own party.

A group of elders within the party who had also publicly accused the Grenadian leader of trying to divide his own party had called for the verbal ceasefire

The allegations of conspiracy from Noel have led to the resignation of Peter David from the cabinet and the sacking of Arley Gill.

Since then, there have been widespread rumours of other cabinet resignations in the making.

Party sources say so far members seem to be respecting the agreement not to make public statements.

A constituency meeting for the town of St. George in which MP David was supposed to have spoken about his decision to resign appears to have been postponed for a second time.©

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