Government backbencher says too soon to tell

Government backbencher Michael Church has said it is too soon for anyone to declare how they will vote in Tuesday’s No Confidence Motion.

The Motion filed by Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell against Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, is seeking to have the Prime Minister removed from office, the dissolution of Parliament and a call for fresh elections.

During the last budget presentation in March and what can be described as the recent public unraveling of the NDC Party and government, there have been speculations as to how a number of NDC members in the House of Representatives would vote.

“It is premature to ask me or anyone for that matter, how he or she will vote, Church told Best Media on Thursday.

Church, who resigned from the cabinet in November 2010, when, during a cabinet reshuffle, he was demoted from Environment Minister to Junior Minister in the Ministry of Communication and Works, said, the motion should be taken seriously.

“Democracy offers us opportunities at times that must be taken seriously and deep consideration must be given to the motion; and decent debate should take place,” the St. John’s MP said.

The vote of no confidence is down on the Parliamentary Order Papers, to be debated when the House of Representatives meets on Tuesday May 15.©

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