NNP to revisit boundary delimitation agreement if returned to office

Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell said when his New National Party (NNP) is returned to power, it will reexamine the terms of the boundary delimitation agreement between Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago.

The former Prime Minister of 13-years was speaking to party supporters at a Rally in St. George’s on the weekend.

He told supporters that the signing of an agreement with Trinidad and Tobago on delimiting the waters between the two countries is one of many bad decisions made by the Tillman Thomas-led National Democratic Congress government which he intends to reverse.

NNP supporters at a public rally. Photo Courtesy http://www.nnpnews.com

Dr. Mitchell said, “when we get back into government we are going to sit with our brothers and sisters in Trinidad and reexamine that issue, to see how we can benefit from that arrangement, my brothers and sisters”.

He accused the current NDC government of signing away the birthright of Grenada by agreeing to delimit the waters between the two countries, after previous governments including Sir. Eric Matthew Gairy’s GULP and the former NDC government, refused to do so.

“Over the years the GULP (Grenada United Labour Party) government under Sir Eric Gairy, sought to have Trinidad agree to a joint arrangement to drill for oil and gas in the disputed waters…Trinidad didn’t agree; Eric Gairy never signed our birthright away.”

“The revolution came in…and Trinidad tried to get them to agree to sign…they refused…Nicholas Brathwaite and George Brizan, Francis Alexis  NDC came into government, they lasted five years, they refused.”

“The NNP lasted thirteen years…thirteen years we protected the birthright of Grenada Carriacou and Petit Martinique. Tillman Thomas come into government- two years- he doesn’t understand a clue about the boundaries that we have there…and he sign away Grenada’s right.”

Election in Grenada is constitutionally due in July 2013 and already the NNP has begun campaign preparations. They have published their list of constituency caretakers and have been holding frequent public meetings around the island.

On Sunday, among the list of supposed wrongs done by the current administration, which Dr. Mitchell said he will make right if returned to office, included the liberalization of the energy production, which is currently solely in the hands of the Grenada Electricity Services as well as the re-introduction of a small   business development scheme, which he said is crucial to the revitalization of the economy.

The politician admitted that a number of mistakes were made when his party was in government but added that they are determined to return to office to “improve on what it did before”.

Dr. Mitchell who has had many heated disputes with various individuals and organizations, some even developing into court battles, said if returned to office his government would not practice spite and hate.

“My friends, one thing I want to assure you, the NNP will not go into government and practice the politics of spite and hate…Each of us must recommit ourselves to the politics of love; the politics of forgiveness; the politics of reaching forward and reaching out.”©

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