Dying and unaware

If the attendance at the 2012 Budget presentation on Friday and at the Opposition Leader’s rebuttal on Monday is any thing to go by, in terms of measuring the health of the political parties, then they both are in critical condition and need to be urgently placed in “intensive care”.

In years gone by, the parliament would have been filled when Dr. Keith C. Mitchell had to speak. On Monday, there were seats to spare in the gallery.

I hasten to add though that Friday’s ‘full house’, as it were, does not in any way mean that the ruling NDC government is in the ‘good books’ of Grenadians. The House was filled with diplomats, public servants, school children, and business gurus – people who just wanted to hear and see for them selves, how the budget would affect them (positively or negatively).

The subsequent backbiting and public laundry washing that is taking place during the debate,  with at least three NDC MPs expressing reservations about the budget so far, could spell further trouble for the ruling party. Could it be that intensive care treatment might be coming “too little; too late” for the National Democratic Congress? Will life support work or will another MP decide to pull the plug on what seems to be now an ailing party?

How will that play out for the opposition New National Party, whose leader seem to know how to play the game of politics but is having a hard time counting losses?

They are also on life support but they don’t appear as critical as the NDC. Whatever fighting is taking place is being kept well within the bowels of the party and all that is showing is a will to live again.

But from where I sit, this political infighting in the ruling National Democratic Congress, is not necessarily a vote for the New National Party. Remember that Party has its baggage, filled with trophies gathered over 13-years and some are saying they are not interested in seeing those trophies displayed on the mantle piece again.

But in the meantime, the opposition is watching and waiting in the wing, grasping at every opportunity to breath on its own again.

Are you watching? What do you see? Is there a doctor in the House?

Dying and not aware, the members of the National Democratic Congress seem to be playing a game of chess.

So in this game of political Chess, played by the 11-MPs of the National Democratic Congress, what will be the next move? Will the leader take a different approach – one that will sooth the pain and massage the aches of his members, in an effort to nurse the party back to life? Or will he continue to play the game on his terms, oblivious to the plight of his colleagues – the men and women with whom he campaigned for the better part of 10-years, to get to where he is now?

Real or perceived, deliberate or accidents the members of the ruling National Democratic Congress are showing signs of pain and they are breaking one by one.

Who will say “checkmate”?©

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