House Speaker directs local journalist not to publish images of Parliamentarians in compromising position

Speaker of the House of Representatives George Mc Guire has called on local journalists to refrain from publishing images of Parliamentarians in a compromising position.

His call comes after Parliamentary Representative for the South St. George and Minister for Labour Glynnis Roberts broke down in tears, shortly after standing to make her contribution to the 2012 Budget debate here on Tuesday.

Minister Roberts, who sources say is under immense personal and political pressure was overcome with tears as she tried to apologize for not being able to sit in Parliament during some of the budget debate presentations.

“As Speaker it is not permitted that any member of this house may [be] photographed in a compromising position and I believe you will be able to interpret what I’m saying and ensure that any images of the members here that can be regarded as being a compromising position should be immediately erased and not made public,” House Speaker George Mc Guire said at the end of Parliamentary sessions for the day.

Only one of the three major television media houses in Grenada who reported on what transpired in parliament on Tuesday, published a story of  Minister Roberts’ tears, slowing down the video image at the start of her presentation and using a medium shot of her back as fellow parliamentarians rushed to comfort her.

The Parliament was adjourned for a brief moment and Minister Roberts was escorted from the building. She did not return for the rest of the day’s proceedings.

Meanwhile Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell expressed concern for Minister Roberts’ emotional state.

Without giving details he commended her for showing up to parliament under the ‘immense personal strain”.

He said he empathize with her and understands her pain especially since he said at around the same time last year “I had three very close members of my family died almost one after the other so I know how it feels when some one is experiencing a lot of trauma in their own personal lives”.

“We sometimes in the heart of party politics, forget we’re all human beings. We take care of everybody, and attempt to do so, but we forget  our own selves and sometimes we’re hurting and we don’t know what the other one is going through.”

“I hope our sister is able to stand up to the test that she is facing at this particular time,” the Opposition Leader added.©

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