Breweries to expand its operations here

Lead negotiation for the Grenada Breweries, Patrick Antoine says contrary to reports the Ansal Macal  Group of companies will be expanding its operations in Grenada shortly.

During the past two months when there was a standoff between the company and the Technical and Allied Workers Union which represents workers at the Company, there were suggestions from some quarters that the company was dragging out the process and refusing to meet the demands of the Union, because it had plans to close the operations in Grenada.

However, following the signing of a new bargaining agreement between Union and the company which saw a 9% wage increase for workers, Antoine told local media that there are plans to invest heavily in the Grenada Breweries over the coming months.

He declined to say how much money would be invested and what form the investment would take.

“We don’t like to get into volumes but the union is aware of the amounts that we intend to invest in this brewery and it is well-known that we have invested over 26-million dollars in this brewery over the last 10-years,” Antoine said.

He said Group’s intention is to make the Grenada Breweries Limited the best small brewery in the region.

“We want this brewery to be the best small brewery in the Caribbean and to do that we’ve brought tremendously important brands here…such as Stag, Smalta, Malta, et cetera to be produced here not just for Grenada but for the OECS; and where there is opportunity to export those to the MDC [more developed countries].”©

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