Tourism Minister says government is working to solve airport crisis

Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Peter David says different governmental departments are working to resolve the financial crisis at the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

In a release issued on Friday afternoon, David said his ministry along with the ministry of Finance as well as the office of the Attorney General are working at different fronts to seek are solution to the matter.

“I am doing all that I can from a civil aviation point of view.  The Ministry of Finance is doing its part from the debt-financing angle and the Attorney General’s Chambers is working towards  a legal solution.”

Chairman of the Grenada Airport Authority Rodney George has confirmed that Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, British Airways, and Delta have been forced to comply with an US Court order to pay money owed to the Grenada Government into an escrow account setup by Taipei.

This follows a lingering dispute between St. George’s and Taipei over a US$70million loan debt owed by Grenada to EXIM Bank of Taiwan.

The Taiwanese has made a claim for all monies owing to the Government of Grenada and its agencies to be paid against the loan.

Airport Authorities say they have already lost over half a million US dollars since the airlines started paying their fees into the special account, two weeks ago.

The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation’s statement said the ministry “will continue to work  with other Government departments to ensure this matter is resolved quickly  and does not severely disrupt airport operations, which would directly impact our economy at a time when we can least afford it”.©

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