Police satisfied with public support in the recapture of Jexie Gibbs

Superintendent of Police with responsibility for Public Relations Dunbar Belfon has said he is satisfied with the support of the public in the recapture of Gibbs who escaped custody on Monday while at the General Hospital.

Gibbs was found in Dunfermline in St. Andrew’s on Thursday afternoon.

Jexie Gibbs recaptures

“It was as a result of the efforts from the officers and as a result of the information received and cooperation from the general public, so we are very satisfied.”

Belfon said Gibbs was found in the company of two women – Kwana Abigail and Laslyn Panchoo and had an undisclosed quantity of dried plant material believed to be marijuana, in their possession.

He added that the police investigation would continue and if there is sufficient information to suggest that they were protection him, they will be charged for the offence of harboring a criminal.

“It is an offence and we are reminding the general public  that it is an offience, it is indictable and you can go to prison if you ar caught harbouring a criminal,” Superintendent Belfon said.

According to the laws of Grenada, a person found guilty of knowingly harboring a criminal can be sent to prison for a period of between six months and two years.

Gibbs was taken to the General Hospital on Monday complaining of abdominal pains. While there, it is said that he asked to use the rest room and as soon as the hand-cuffs were taken off his hand, he took of running.

Gibbs is serving a three-year sentence for dangerous harm and is awaiting trial for ammunition possession.

Superintendent Belfon told reporters on Thursday that Gibbs could be slapped with further charges – escaping lawful custody, is one of them.©

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