Tension in Grenada but the sky is not falling says political commentator

Grenadian Journalist and political commentator Hamlet Mark, says despite the current turbulence within the ranks of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), “the sky is not falling”.

Mark, who is closely aligned with certain members of the NDC said on a local news channel on Thursday evening that within the West Minister-style of  government in Grenada, the Prime Minister has the privilege of firing any minister he see fit, but it doesn’t mean that the country is in crisis.

“It is very much part of the political game and the sky is not  falling,” Mark said.

Freelance Journalist Hamlet Mark

He added however that the firing of a Minister  at a time when it appears that there is an ever-growing rift within the party, could have serious political implications, since it is happening a year and a half before the next scheduled general election.

“I’m sure the nation is taking note of what’s happening, not just with that but with everything else …and making their valued judgement,” said Mark.

His comments come against the back drop that over the weekend Prime Minister Thomas had a secret caucus with a select few members of his political party, which he said, when asked by the media, was a political strategy meeting.

The meeting excluded eight of the cabinet members including the Party’s recently elected Chairman Kenrick Fullerton. Fullerton’s election was one of the recent activities that has fueled greater division within the party as it was publicly known that  Thomas was campaigning for his new Junior Minister of Information, Glen Noel to fill that position.

Noel was among persons at the Prime Minister’s private political strategy meeting held in the rural St. Andrew’s village of Mt. St. Ervans, on Sunday.

Other cabinet members present include Youth Minister Patrick Simmons, Finance Minister Nazim Burke and Education Minister Franka Bernadine.©

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