Opposition calls for elections but PM remains resolute

Opposition Leader Dr. Keith Mitchell says the NDC government should go back to the polls and allow Grenadians to decide whether they want them to continue leading the country.

His comments follow the recent firing of former Works Minister Joseph Gilbert for allegedly sending what is now being dubbed a “letter of comfort” to an US Gaming company, promising a review of the country’s gaming laws so that the company can operate here.

“I don’t know what the government would eventually end up doing but the only noble decision for the Prime Minister and his team to do, given the lack of leadership and cohesion in the government, is to allow the people to make a choice among them or among any other political party in the country,” Dr. Mitchell said.

Mitchell, whose New National Party (NNP) government ruled the country for 13-years under speculation of much corruption, told local media that he believes that is the honorable thing to do under the circumstance.

The former Prime Minister added, “I just want to remind them, the government, when I had similar situation in 1999, which was almost similar, it was about the same time”.

But in his televised national address on Thursday night, Prime Minister Tillman Thomas appeared almost resolute that there will be no general elections before the stipulated time, which is constitutionally due within the next year and a half.

He said the times are challenging but his government is weathering the storm.

“Our Party has healed itself in the past and it is our duty to do all that is necessary to ensure that the NDC remains vibrant, powerful and capable of serving the people of Grenada for a very long time to come,” the Grenadian leader told a television audience.

He added, “I give the public the assurance that my Government will move speedily beyond this unfortunate issue.  We will continue to fulfill our mandate to govern in accordance with the principles of good governance and the provisions and conventions of the Constitution of Grenada”. ©

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