Grenada Prime Minister to make second national address in 48-hours

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas is scheduled to make a national televised address on Thursday evening, following the announcement of his sacking of Environment Minister Joseph Gilbert.

A very short press release issued early Thursday afternoon, from the Prime Minister’s office stated that “Prime Minister Hon. Tillman Thomas today asked His Excellency, Governor-General Sir Carlyle Glean, to revoke the appointment of the Hon. Joseph Gilbert as a Minister of Government”.

The statement did not give any details as to the reason for his action  but added that “The Prime Minister will address the nation this evening at 8.00”.

Statement from Office of the Prime Minister re sacking of Joseph Gilbert

This is the second national address to be made by the Prime Minister within 48-hours.

On Tuesday evening the NDC political leader and Prime Minister made his first national address for 2012, describing the new year as one of “hope and optimism”.

He said he believes the new year brings an “an opportunity to make 2012 one of our most successful years, if we collectively put our hands to the wheel and collaborate”.

“We must work together, hand in hand, each Grenadian, at home and abroad to become more deeply involved in the development of our country.”

“Let us recommit to improving relationships that will bring harmony to families, villages and communities, to the benefit of all in this wonderful country of ours,” the Prime Minister said.©

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