Bartholomew’s wife faces the press for the first time

The wife of Oscar Bartholomew, the Grenadian-Canadian who died in hospital one day after being allegedly beaten by police at the St. David Police Station, spoke to the media for the first time on Tuesday.

Dolette Cyr Bartholomew, in the presence of family lawyer Derick Sylvester, in halting English, since her first language is French, read a short statement about the situation and didn’t field questions from the media.

In her statement, Dolette said the brutal treatment meted out to her husband by police at the St. David Police Station on Boxing Day 2011 was ‘unfortunate”, but she added that Grenada is a beautiful place and she wants to see the healing process begin.

“Its unfortunate what happen; it’s bad and I want the nation to heal and not fight,” said  Dolette.

She added, “I miss my husband, Peter Oscar Bartholomew, but Grenada, it’s a beautiful country…when I get back home I would like to say, Grenada is a beautiful country, but one bad thing happened.”

Bartholomew, was said to have been beaten while in police custody.

On December 26th, Bartholomew, who was in the island visiting family, stopped at the police station for his wife who was traveling with him, to use the bathroom, when it was said he hugged from behind, a female police officer whom he thought was a friend. The woman, whose identity has been kept from the public, is said thought she was being assaulted and started screaming for help, when her colleagues came to her rescue,  handcuffed Bartholomew, took him into the Police station, where it is alleged he was beaten into a coma.

This alleged action has evoked public outrage, which has so far lead to the staging of three protest marches. Two of protests were candlelight vigils in front of the St. David’s police station. The third was held in front of the office of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Tuesday.©

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