Defense Attorney wants independent judicial inquiry

One of the defense attorneys in the Oscar Bartholomew manslaughter case, is calling for an independent inquiry into allegations of use of excessive force by police in Grenada.

Anslem Clouden says he would like to have a Canadian-Caribbean jurist investigate the allegations of police brutality, not just for this case but also for cases in the past where police have been accused of beating and bruising persons in custody.

Clouden who is representing Police Constable Ruddy Felix, charged with manslaughter in the beating death of Grenadian-Canadian resident Oscar Bartholomew, says he has faith in the justice system, but his concern is with the evidence gathering.

“The Court are going to do what is right so there is no apprehension…the problem we do have is one with the investigatory process,” Clouden told local media on Tuesday after coming from court.

He said he believes a person of both Canadian and Caribbean citizenship, would have a vested interest in seeing that the process is transparent.

“A Caribbean-Canadian jurist, so that both countries would feel secured in the belief that you would have an independent and impartial inquiry.”

“Someone that shares the concerns of both countries, because Canada is equally as concerned as we are with respect to the conduct of certain police officers.”

Clouden said he hopes that coming out of the inquiry, would be a protocol to govern the way police treat  persons in their custody.

“I think an inquiry would result in a certain protocol that police within the state must follow, whenever persons who are in their custody either as arrested or ¬†as suspects,” Clouden said.

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