Accused police remanded to Prison

Five policemen accused of manslaughter in the death of Grenadian-Canadian resident Oscar Bartholomew, have been remanded to prison.
The five men appeared before St. George’s  Magistrate Tamara Gill on Tuesday to have the charges of manslaughter read out to them.
Police constables, Edward Gibson, Shaun Ganness, Ruddy Felix, Kenton Hazzard and Wendell Sylvester are being represented by Attorneys Francis Alexis, Cajeton Hood, Francis Williams and Anslem Clouden.
They are accused of the beating death of Grenadian born Canadian resident Oscar Bartholomew who was on holiday with his Canadian wife, Dolette Cyr Bartholomew.
The attorneys requested bail for the accused men but were denied by Magistrate Gill, who has referred the matter to the St. David’s Magistrate Court, since such matters are to be heard in the district court in which the incident occurred.
After hearing arguments from the Attorneys Magistrate Gill denied bail on the grounds that while the initial hearing was taking place in her jurisdiction she did not have jurisdiction over the case itself.

Heavy police presence at St. George's Magistrate Court on Tuesday

Today’s appearance in the St. George’s magistrate court was to have them officially charged, because the court in their jurisdiction only sits on Mondays and Fridays and Monday (yesterday) was a holiday.
The men are scheduled to appear at the St. David Magistrate Court on Friday January 6th.
The matter is just entering the preliminary stages but if found guilty, the officers’ possible penalty ranges from a five to a maximum of 15 years in prison.
There was a large turnout of police officers  as many as 50 some in plain clothes in what some onlookers described as an apparent show of solidarity for their embattled colleagues.©

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