Three more police officers charged with manslaughter

Three more police officers in Grenada have had manslaughter charges slapped on them in the ongoing investigation of the death of Canadian resident Oscar Bartholomew.

Police Constables 649 Edward Gibson and 675 Shaun Ganness attached to the Traffic and Transport Department, St. George’s and Police Constable (PC) 237 Ruddy Felix attached to St. David Police Station were officially charged on Sunday January 01, 2012.

They along with Police Constable (PC) 748 Kenton Hazzard and Rural Constable (RC) Wendell Sylvester who were charged on Saturday, are to appear in the St. George’s Magistrate Court on Tuesday January 3rd, 2012, to have the charges of manslaughter read to them.

Bartholomew, a 39-year old carpenter was on vacation in Grenada with his Canadian wife, when he succumbed to injuries to the head, sustained during an altercation with police at the St. David Police Station.

A first autopsy report prepared by local pathologist Nicholas Redhead said Bartholomew died from severe head trauma, but a second autopsy conducted by  Trinidadian  Hubert Daisley indicated that there were other wounds about the body including a broken hand and ribs.

Police say the investigation is continuing.©

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