Second autopsy on Oscar Bartholomew reveals more

A second autopsy on the body of Oscar Bartholomew has revealed that he suffered multiple injuries to other parts of his body including a broken hand and broken ribs.

Spokesperson for the Bartholomew family, Devon Rachae, told Best Media Grenada that the second autopsy, which was conducted by Trinidadian pathologist Dr. Hubert Daisley on Saturday, also showed evidence that duct tape was used on Bartholomew. He said it revealed more but the family has been requested by their lawyer Derick Sylvester not to speak about the other revelations.

The first autopsy, conducted by local pathologist, Dr. Nicholas Redhead, said Bartholomew died from intra-cranial hemorrhaging.

Bartholomew who was visiting Grenada with his wife for the Christmas holiday, died at the island’s General Hospital on December 27th after succumbing to injuries sustained during an altercation with police at the St. David’s Police Station the day before.

The altercation is said to have started after Bartholomew in a case of mistaken identity lifted a hugged a female police officer in jest. The officer is said to have interpreted his gesture as an assault and proceeded to call for the help of her colleagues.

On Saturday two police officers were officially charged with manslaughter and a police release said there  three other police officers in detention, assisting with the investigation.

The two officers have been names as Police Constable PC 748 Kenton Hazzard and Rural Constable RC Wendell Sylvester.

The charges were made hours after family and friends staged a second candlelight vigil in front of the St. David’s Police Station on Friday night. The family declared Friday Black Friday and called on everyone opposed to police brutality to wear black.

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