Grenadian leader says he is not a political liability

Prime Minister  of Grenada Tillman Thomas has refuted claims that a recent poll indicates that he is a liability to his ruling National Democratic Congress  (NDC) party.

The Grenadian leader was quoted in a local newspaper report as responding to claims that a recent poll conducted by Barbadian polster Peter Wickham, has suggested that Thomas is a liability to his party and if left at the helm, the party stand the chance of losing the next general election, constitutionally due in 2013.

“I would not accept that I am a liability. That is far from the truth. As far as what NDC stands for and what the people support, I think I am a great asset to the National Democratic Congress”.

The Grenadian leader, whose leadership style has come into question in the recent past says he is not aware that a political leasership poll was conducted in the country, and if it was he is not overly bothered by it.

“I don’t know about this poll. I don’t know if any poll was done about the leadership of the party in Grenada. I am not aware of it, so I can’t really comment on that poll, ” Thomas said in an interview published in the weekly New Today newspaper.

The Grenadian leader says he is confident that his  party would be returned to power in the next general elections based on what he terms is its “good track record.”

There are however reports that a faction within his party are campaigning for him to step down over concerns about his leadership style and declining popularity.

But the 66-year old Grenadian leader is adamant that his party would not get rid of him.

“The party would not do this. I am the greatest asset to the party. There may be other elements who have other agenda but for what we stand for as the National Democratic Congress, I am a great asset to the party”.

“There may be other liabilities in the party, not me at the leadership level. As far as Grenada is concerned I am about the greatest asset to the National Democratic Congress,” he added.

Prior to the 2008 general elections, there were speculations of a rift in the party, with some members leaning to the more conservative style of governance while others expressing desire toward the liberal.

The rift though not openly acknowledged by party members at first, appeared to have gotten wider following the cabinet reshuffle in 2010 which saw one former Works Minister Michael Church resign from the cabinet.

At the recent Convention, newly elected chairman of the Party Kenrick Fullerton, during his acceptance speech, said his first order of business would be to heal wounds and mend rifts.

“My mission as chairman of the party is to tell you that first of all that peace, unity and togetherness is the hallmark of success.”

“…we will heal that wound brothers and sisters…we will begin the unity process from today.”

“Today we will cease, and the long nights of talk of division between us, the long nights of talk of breakup of the NDC, the long nights in which we believed that this government would not succeed, those nights are over, sisters and brothers.”©

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