President of TAWU arrested

President General of the Technical and Allied Workers Union (TAWU) has been arrested for attempting to obstruct delivery trucks of the Grenada Breweries from leaving the Grand Anse compound on Tuesday morning.

Humphrey, whose union has been in a deadlocked battle with the Company over the last week, went to Grenada Breweries on Tuesday morning, after being told that the employees were prevented from entering the compound and that contracted workers were carrying out the jobs of regular employees.

It has been reported that Humphrey attempted to stop the trucks, driven by contracted workers from leaving the compound, by parking his vehicle  across the gateway. The police were called in, his vehicle was impounded and he was arrested and taken to the South St. George Police Station.

TAWU has engaged the services of their lawyers, Ciboney Chambers in this matter and have begun contacting their affiliates locally and regionally for solidarity.

For the last week the Union and the Employers were locked in wage negotiation battles, with employees staying away from the job for most of the week.

According to Trevor Xavier, TAWU Industrial Relations Officer, the last meeting between the Union and the Company which was mediated by the Labour Commissioner, agreed that negotiations would continue on Friday December 23rd, if employees agree to go back to work.

A poll was taken on Monday and employees agreed to return to work Tuesday morning.   However when they arrived on the compound, they were not allowed to enter.©

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