A call for a Community Centre in the city to be named after Jericho

Parliamentary Representative for the town of St. George, Peter David has called for a Community Centre to be built in the town, to be named after Jericho.

David was reading the eulogy at the funeral service for a broadcast legend in Grenada.

The MP for the town of St. George also called for the setting up of a charity called the “Jericho Duke Foundation”, to help the disadvantaged and to promote the development of a number of ¬†cultural activities he used to be part of.

Jericho Funeral

People look at the body of Anthony 'Jericho' Greenidge at his funeral service in Grenada

Thousands came out to the National stadium today to pay tribute to Jericho at the final tribute and funeral service, which started at 11am and ended six hours later.

There were tributes from approximately 25 individuals and organisations, including the Grenada Athletic Association (GAA), the Grenada National Council for the Disabled (GNCD), the Media Workers Association of Grenada (MWAG), the Calypso Association and people from the communities of Four Roads, St. Jules Street and Grenville Street.

Three of his children also paid tribute to him. One of his sons, Corey Mc Sween remembered him calling to make sure that he had written the sports news on Saturday morning, before he went on air with him. One of his daughters Racquel Greenidge, who lives in the United States and has recorded a song, spoke about her father being excited to “play my song on the radio”.

“When I came to visit him, he would have people call into the radio station to talk with me.”

“To you he was a legendary radio announcer but to me he was my dad,” she said.

Men from the mainland paying tribute

Men from the Mainland paying tribute to their former member

Also paying tribute to former morning radio host on WEE FM was Sports Minister Patrick Simmons. Simmons spoke of competing against Jericho at inter-secondary schools athletic games and of playing ¬†basketball with him at the national and international levels. He said Jericho was more than an ardent competitor “he became a friend”, Simmons said.

The ceremony, though solemn was dotted with poems and musical performances from church choirs, calypso associations and the Parang Band “Men from the Mainland” of which Jericho was a part.

A number of schools in the city closed half-day to allow staff and students to attend the ceremony, including the Anglican High School (AHS), which he helped during some of their sports-meets and the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS) which was his alma mater, and where two of his children attend.

The funeral service was attended by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and members of the cabinet. A tribute was read on behalf of the Opposition New National Party by party representative Joy Mancine.

Jericho’s body was interred at the St. George’s Cemetery.¬©

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