Former colleague creates Extempore Tribute to Anthony “Jericho” Greenidge

Anthony Jericho GreenidgeAs people in Grenada prepare to pay their last respects to media practitioner Anthony “Jericho” “D Duke” Greenidge on Monday, a former Extempo participant and media colleague Rawle Titus has written what he calls an Extempore Tribute to ‘D Duke’.

Titus, like Jericho has dabbled with the music artform in Grenada and has been instrumental in organising a number of national and media Extempore competitions over the years. Both men were participants in many of these competitions but neither have won.

The most recent Media Kaiso/Extempore competition was held in June this year as part of the Media Worker’s Association’s annual week of activities, where Jericho placed second to Janelle St. Bernard – Mc Donald and Titus placed third.

Winners of the 2011 Media Kaiso Extempore Competition

Jericho (in red t-shirt) with other winners and sponsors of the 2011 Media Kaiso/Extempore Competitiion

Below are the lyrics which Titus says must be sung to the extempore melody.

Extempore Tribute to Anthony ‘Jericho’ Greenidge

By Rawle Titus

Verse one

Anthony Jericho Greenidge Knowing yuh was a privilege
Memories of you still etch in my mind
As a media personality how yuh shine
Where ever in Grenada I go
Everybody asking for Jericho
To tell the story fair and full-blown
He is a king that found honour at home

Verse two

I remember the noise and the bacchanal
Whenever the duke make ah semi-final
Media people in front Seamoon stage
Supporting and creating rampage
And was big lyrics one after the other
We backing the duke, he burning fire
So whether is kaiso or on radio,
Politicians got some strong words from Jericho.

Verse three

I remember the excitement on the air
Was table knock and how donkey brey
And if yuh taking too much basket
Yuh getting flush right down the toilet
People was informed and was amused
When Jericho bust his informal news.
We in the media fraternity
Must keep alive the duke legacy
Verse four
Jerry tell me why you went on this flight
And leave us alone to maintain this fight
Enemies gunning for the media
Jericho we need your fire power
From the heavens ah hear the whip crack
That tells me the duke is watching we back.
The pain’s in my heart and the tears still flow
For a true media soldier name Jericho.

Since his death was announced, tributes have been pouring from all sectors of Society. He has worked closely with corporate society, cultural, sporting and non-governmental community organisations throughout his decade and a half as a media practitioner. many of them have put tributes on their Facebook pages.

A funeral service was held for him in New York earlier this week and was attended by a number of Grenadians in the diaspora including Council General Derick James former politician Michael Baptiste and broadcaster Harold Pysadee. The final cultural tribute and funeral service would be held for him for him here in Grenada at the National Stadium on Monday from 11am after which his body would be interred at the nearby St. George’s Cemetery.©

One thought on “Former colleague creates Extempore Tribute to Anthony “Jericho” Greenidge

  1. Well I jump in and sing .because extempo is my thing.I will do for Jericho like no me he was like ah brother.we sang parang in carricou we also sang in dyc tent too.boy in all u do u did your best .so go to the father and take your rest

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