A call for collective approach to dealing with teen murder accused

Social Worker and Chairperson of the Grenada National Coalition on the Rights of the Child (GNCRC) Ann Greaves is calling for all child care agencies in Grenada to get involved in the case of the 17-year old girl charged with murder.

Greaves says this is not a time for finger-pointing. Instead she says the situation should be looked at from all angles because the alleged act speaks to a deeper problem.

“Could it be that this child was crying out for help in other ways and no one saw or heard or came to her aid.”

“We have to look deep and see what the problem was,” Greaves added.

The murder charge was read to the young woman on Wednesday at the St. George’s Magistrate Court. She is accused of willfully causing the death of her 3-year old sister, Charian Charles, on Sunday.

Her three other siblings were at the court today when the charges were read to her.

An autopsy report stated that 3-year old Sharian was suffocated.

The teenage girl has been remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison, to re-appear in court on Friday 25th November, 2011.

But the Coalition on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is concerned that the 17-year old has been sent to an adult prison, with no facilities for juveniles.

“There are no facilities there for young offenders,” Greaves said. “We need to have a juvenile centre.”

She added “I hope something can be done for her”.©

One thought on “A call for collective approach to dealing with teen murder accused

  1. . . . all the care in the world for the alleged perpetuator of the crime but not a word about the victim. Lady, an innocent, defenseless 3-year old was killed. Are we to sweep that under the carpet and cry for the 17-year old who is fully responsible for her actions? She is charged with an adult crime so why not place her in an adult prison? These are things that persons, young and old, must think about when they plan their crimes. Our society has made jail time into a vacation and jail into a guesthouse. If she is found guilty then she must be made to pay the full penalty.
    We have gotten too soft on criminals and grant them too many rights: way and above the rights they granted their victims.

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