NNP announces new ‘shadow cabinet’

Nicholas SteeleSt. George’s Businessman Nicholas Steele has been named ‘shadow minister’ of Trade and Business development in the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP).

Steele, who is touted to come up against the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Peter David in the town of St. George,  is one of three new comers to the party, since it lost the general election in 2008.

The party on Monday published what it calls a ‘shadow cabinet’ as it begins to oil its machinery in preparation for a general elections.

Elections in Grenada are not constitutionally due until 2013 but within the last month the NNP has been holding public meetings and reorganising its constituency offices around the island.

In a statement on Monday announcing the make-up of the shadow cabinet, NNP political leader Dr. Keith Mitchell said “the role of a shadow Cabinet is very important as the economic situation in the country worsens”.

Alvin Dabreo, owner of WEE FM, a popular local radio station, and the second newcomer, has been named Shadow Minister of Information and Communication.

The third new comer is Alexandra  Otway-Noel. She  has been named Shadow Minister for Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation.

Most of the former ministers will act as Shadow for the ministries they once headed.

Former Health Minister Dr. Claris Modeste will be Shadow Minister of Health and the Environment.

Gregory Bowen who headed the Works Ministry, will Shadow the Ministry of Works, Community Development and Public Utilities.

Yolande Bain-Horsford will shadow the Ministry of Social Development, Housing and Gender.

Anthony Boatswain will Shadow Finance while Dr. Mitchell will shadow National Security, Energy, Information Technology and NaDMA (National Disaster Management Agency).

The former Prime Minister of 13-years said “a shadow cabinet does not only form a possible alternative Government but members should be a voice for the people”.

“They should monitor and scrutinize Government’s policies, and programmes, condemning anything which can negatively impact the people of the country. At the same time members must be prepared to offer alternatives to the Government.”

The other members of the Shadow Cabinet include Elvin Nimrod, Shadow Minister of Carriacou & Petit Martinique Affairs;  Roland Bhola, Agriculture, Fisheries and Sports; Emmalin Pierre, Youth and Ecclesiastical Affairs. Delma Thomas, Samuel  Andrew and Tobias Clement will together Shadow Education and Human Resources.©

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